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The golf ball is the one piece of equipment you use on every shot. Just as you would get the rest of your bag custom fit, your golf ball should be fit for you as well. Starting in 2008, Bridgestone Golf has pioneered the effort to get golfers fit for the correct golf ball. Since then, we have fit over 1.7 million people through live and online fittings.

The Live Fitting Process

The way Bridgestone Golf approaches ball fitting is unlike any other fitting experience. We actually allow you to compare against your current ball of choice so that you can see the difference for yourself. At the fitting we collect the following data from your current golf ball: swing speed, ball velocity, launch angle, back spin, side spin and distance. After analyzing the data, the process is then repeated with a recommended Bridgestone Golf ball.  Our expert ball fitter will review the golf ball performance and explain the benefits of the recommended Bridgestone ball.
7 out of 10 golfers show improvement by switching to a Bridgestone Golf ball

Why tee to green?

We fit tee to green because the high speed of the driver reveals the most about the performance of a golf ball. Success off the tee sets you up for maximum scoring opportunities for the rest of the hole. In addition to measuring driver, our technicians will analyze other aspects of your game to determine the best ball for you.
I used to think a ball was a ball and I played a Pro V1 just for status. As I aged, I saw my yardage start to drop.  I went to see a friend in Fort Myers and he had the ball fitting at his club. They fitted me with an e6 and gave me a sleeve. The yardage instantly came back and I hit the ball straighter. 
– Tom G
"I went through a ball fitting at my local club, where I was fit for the Tour B330RX. I had the confidence that I was using the right ball, and in the next 7 months I cut my handicap from 16 to 8. I still play the RX, and I’ve even converted a lot of other golfers at my club."
– Olly W


Did you know that
7 out of 10
golfers play the wrong ball?
When switching to a Bridgestone Golf ball, golfers gain an average of
9.4 yards
We've performed
live ball fittings
swings measured
1.7 Million
golfers fit (online and in person)
live ball fitting events conducted
We have ball fitting teams in
10 Countries
Bridgestone Golf has
fitting technicians
yards gained for consumers
75% of golfers swing under