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Seamless Jim


Our B-FIT Technicians' knowledge is second to none. Here is a list of some of the questions that have recently been answered. Give B-FIT a try!

Q: What's the differences between the B330-RX and the B330-RXS?

A: The B330-RXS is for the player who likes the RX but is looking for a little more spin and control in their short game. It's a higher spin version of the B330-RX!

Q: I would like to find a ball that fits my swing speed. I had a shoulder injury a few years ago, and now usually my swing speed is in the 80's to low 90's. My speed with irons is low 80's, I slice a little, but have corrected that, I would really like more distance and more control around the green's.

A: Since it will be difficult to always put your best swing on the ball, make sure your equipment is more forgiving. The e6 is a versatile ball that works for a wide range of club head speeds. It has a very soft core that is easy to compress which will give you good feel and great distance. It is designed to reduce hooks and slices, and ballooning due to excess spin.

Q: I'm currently using the ProV1 and am looking to potentially change balls to your TOUR B330-S golf ball. Can you tell me the main differences?

A: The B330-S is a 4 piece ball with a softer core than the ProV1, which should give you a more powerful flight. This helps make the ball easier to compress, which makes it perform the way it's supposed to. The 4 piece design also increases ball speed and reduces spin off the driver and long irons. Finally, the TOUR B330-S comes equipped with a very soft urethane seamless 330 dimple design cover for pin point accuracy, spin and control!

Q: How does shaft weight affect ball flight?

A: Typically, heavier shafts tend to lower ball flight while lighter shafts are higher hitting. For more control, consider a heavier shaft. For more distance, a lighter shaft might help.

Q: Where can I buy the J40 irons?

A: Any Bridgestone dealer that carries our golf balls can order you a set of our new j40 irons.

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