Live In-Person Ball Fitting

The same technology that we use to help Tour Professionals find the right golf ball is also available to you!

By using our sophisticated computer system, The Science Eye Launch Monitor, we're able to enhance your performance in a complimentary fitting session. Take The Bridgestone Challenge and find the ball that fits your game!

Live Ball Fitting Schedule

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Take your game to the next level with the Bridgestone Challenge. As with club fitting, golf ball fitting can guide you to a golf ball that maximizes your performance from tee to green through optimizing your ball speed, launch angle, and spin rates.

The Golf Ball Fitting Process

  • With your driver, you will hit a series of shots with your current golf ball of choice.
  • The high-speed cameras in the Science Eye Launch Monitor system will capture multiple measurements and use that data to calculate your specific launch characteristics.
  • Based on your ball flight characteristics, the technician will either confirm that you are currently playing the best ball for you or recommend a Bridgestone/Precept ball that better suits your game.
  • After hitting a series of shots with the recommended ball, you will be given a side-by-side comparison of all data, which includes your launch angle, spin rates, and distance with each ball.
  • By comparing the side-by-side results, you will be able to determine which ball can best maximize your performance with your driver.

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