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Hey Weekend Warriors!

Here are 3 Reasons YOU Should be Playing xFIXx

  1. FIX Short Tee Shots

    "Not exactly sure what soft gradational core means, but for you, it means longer distance!"
    – David Feherty

  2. FIX Hard Landings

    "You may not be a dancer, but the soft cover will mean more time on the dance floor!"
    – David Feherty

  3. FIX Your Game

    "If this ball doesn’t FIX your game, you could always be an announcer!"
    – David Feherty

Xtra Distance

Patented Low Compression Core with Gradational Technology provides ideal deformation at impact for a higher launch with less back and side spin.

Xtra Spin

Newly formulated Soft Ionomer cover material provides increased spin control and feel around the greens.

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