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Feel the Head to Control the Head!

It's time to counter the counter-balance story with Bridgestone Golf's True Balance Putter!

Our proprietary True Balance design moves the weight into the head of the putter, keeping the club's balance point within 5 inches of its sole, to provide greater feel.

The result is simple. When you can feel the head, you can control the head and that means you can make more putts!

True Balance Putters: 'Feel the head, control the head.' - Top 50 Instructor
  • Stainless Steel Head Construction
  • Dual Layer Grooved Insert provides the perfect combination of feel and roll performance
  • True Balance Models feature Unique Lightweight 100% EVA grips providing the ultimate in comfort, feel, and traction (Available in 2 Sizes: Standard and Oversize)
  • Steel Models feature Rubber Pistol Grips for improved feel and fit (One Size)
  • True Balance Models feature Specially Engineered Lightweight Graphite Shafts providing unmatched feel and user feedback
  • Steel Models feature Improved Steel Shafts for increased player feedback
  • Putters available in True Balance (TD-01 and TD-03) and traditional Steel models (TD-01, TD-02 and TD-03)
  • Balance point less than 5" from sole provides incredible feel and connection to the putter head, improving speed and distance control
  • Naturally "gates" through the stroke and squares to the target, eliminating the most common miss of short, right
  • Make more putts!
Head Weights 360 grams
Oversize EVA Grip 20 grams
Standard EVA Grip 10 grams
Rubber Pistol Grip 83 grams
Steel Shaft 103 grams
True Balance Shaft 33 grams
Lie 71°

*All measurements above are approximate and can vary due to tolerances, length, etc.

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