Gene, New Jersey True Balance Putters Product Comment. I tried the True Balance putter last week at the PGA store, it felt so different and easy to swing for distance control and direction, you could feel the head hit the ball. Today I had to go back and buy it!! I can't wait to try it out this weekend!!
product 1 day ago  (published: 04/14 06:48 PM EDT)
Jaime, North Miami Beach, FL Bridgestone Golf Fan Mail. I play the best ball Bridgestone B330-S
product 1 day ago  (published: 04/14 01:34 PM EDT)
Skylar, Grand Rapids, MI True Balance Putters Product Comment. I hit one today at a demo day at a local golf shop. It felt AMAZING! I went there to buy a new driver and almost left with a new putter instead. I'm sure I won't make it through the first couple months of the season without picking one up.
product 1 day ago  (published: 04/14 09:30 AM EDT)
bridgestonegolf Another great week of golf & Masters tradition in the books! Congrats to Kuch on T5 finish & big thanks for the Team BSG support this week!
Twitter 2 days ago  (published: 04/13 07:34 PM EDT)
bridgestonegolf @shawnholubgolf #B330S will provide more driver spin for added lift. Will also give you secondary benefit of increased green side control
Twitter 2 days ago  (published: 04/13 07:28 PM EDT)
bridgestonegolf Hi@shawnholubgolf B330-S will provide more driver spin for added lift. Will also give you secondary benefit of increased green side control
Twitter 2 days ago  (published: 04/13 03:48 PM EDT)
bridgestonegolf RT@hackersparadise: You gotta love seeing Kuchar play and smile around the course.
Twitter 2 days ago  (published: 04/13 03:46 PM EDT)
bridgestonegolf Pitch in birdie at the 3rd moves #Kuch into tie for lead with Spieth at -6!
Twitter 2 days ago  (published: 04/13 03:14 PM EDT)
bridgestonegolf A birdie from #Kuch at 2 moves him into a tie for the lead at #TheMasters!
Twitter 2 days ago  (published: 04/13 03:04 PM EDT)
bridgestonegolf Tee time for Matt! Kuuuuuuuuuch!
Twitter 2 days ago  (published: 04/13 02:34 PM EDT)


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Your Letters

Juano, Tempe AZ

Since I started usuing the E6+ I gained approximately 25 yards in distance. This may not seem like much, but I recently played Villa De Paz in Phoenix, Az and put my tee shot into the lake Surrounding the green on #8 a 385 yard par four. In the past I would hit driver and nine iron to reach the green. Awesome ball!!!!

Robert, North Andover Mass

Sorry but did your test and it said to go e6. I had a small push or slice and was hoping for a cure. Shoot in the low 90s. My driver was the worst it has ever been, but my irons play did improve. Don't know if it was a fluke or the balls. I am a 15handcap. Or should I have gotten the B330-rx. Help. Bob

Michael, Ponte Vedra Beach Florida

Bill Bielmeyer convinced me to switch to Bridgestone. We play at the same club in Florida, and last Saturday he gave me 2 B330 balls. to try. I liked them, and so I took the ball fitting challenge. On the launch monitor this ball gave me the best results, and so I purchased a dozen. This past weekend I played in the Florida State Mid-Am four ball. My partner and I scored personal bests on all four nines, it was a 36 hole event. Two shots better than our all-time tournament best the first day, and three shots better the second day (I even made an eagle). The only difference was the Tour B330. Looking forward to being fit for your irons. Thanks! Mike M. P. S. on day one 3 of 4 players in our foursome played Bridgestone!

Matt, Waukegan IL

Dear Bridgestone-This season I switched to a B330-RX. It is a tremendous ball. As advertised it is long and has good feel around the greens. I have been playing over 20 years and I had my first hole in one this morning. Thank you for producing a product for us golfers with slower swing speeds.

John, N. Las Vegas NV

I've been playing for 35 years and have had a single digit handicap for most of them. I was fortunate to earn my first hole-in-one today! I choked up and hit a solid, low punch 7 iron 148 yards using the Tour B330-S against a constant breeze. The ball landed softly about 10 feet in front of the hole and rolled right in! Yeh, baby!!

Robert, Port Orchard WA

On June 6th,2009 I attended a Bridgestone ball fitting at Gold Mt. golf complex in Bremerton,WA. I was told by one of your technicians that the very expensive electronic device cannot evaluate left-handers. So,I was taken aside and evaluated by one of the technicians and an e7 ball was suggested for my use. I have faith in the technicians evaluation but I am VERY disappointed in not being evaluated by the very expensive electronic device. No lefties allowed ??? I have yet to try the e7 ball or to purchase any. My next golf outing will be June 13th with my son who will be visiting from Florida. A question:Does a golf ball respond differently when struck by a left-hander ???

David, Glendale Arizona

I started in golf 50 years ago as a caddy at a private course in Chicago. I've heard many stories of golfers describing their first hole in one. I have witnessed quite a few. Now I finally understand the thrill and surreal filling that goes with watching a ball go in. At Bellair G. C in Glendale, Az., hole #15 121 yds. with a PW and a Bridgestone E6+. I switched to get better distance and direction control. I am 62 and an 11 hdcp. looking forward to more in the future. THANKS BRIDGESTONE.

Bob, Westtown NY

I switched to this ball last year when a friend gave me one to try, I liked the way it felt coimg off the putter. I purchased a dozen and they appeared to respond better off the driver and with shots into the green. And this last week I scored my second Hole in One of my 52 Years of playing golf using the E6+. Thanks for making a good product.

Alan, Fountain Hills AZ

It only took 45 years. Yesterday, I made my first hole-in-one on the 5th hole on the Cholla course at WeKoPa in Fountain Hills, Arizona. With a 5 handicap I never thought I'd play that many years without one, but the wait is finally over. A 7 iron from 164 yards landed 10 feet short, took one hop and roll right in. Later in the same round I was fortunate enough to chip in (using a different RX, of course) off a severe downhill lie to an elevated green from the short-side. The RX does what you say, long off the tee with great feel around the green.

Ron, Hartford City Indiana


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