Kempsville Greens Golf Course If you missed today's Bridgestone Ball Fitting Challenge at Kempsville Greens Golf, don't worry! You have another chance tomorrow at Red Wing Lake!
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Golfing Standard Matt Kuchar winning clubs, RBC Heritage, Bridgestone, WITB: A look at Matt Kuchar's winning clubs from the RBC Heritage#CountCorey #CollegeGolf #GolfWorld #RoyalLiverpool #BuddyAlexander
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The Hackers Paradise A special gift from Bridgestone Golf for their #THPMC golfers!
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brian_gaynor #tbt to meeting David Feherty last year at the Bridgestone/Firestone event. #golf #golfer #broadcaster #bridgestone #firestone #gaynorclassics #feherty #davidfeherty
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Jimmy Lewis Boards Keep an eye out for the upcoming issue of Sports Illustrated featuring golf legend Davis Love III on the Jimmy Lewis Striker SUP.
Facebook about 10 hours ago  (published: 04/24 05:02 PM EDT) Make greenside bunker shots routine like Kuchar
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t_albrecht15 Got my first hole-in-one today at Grove. #HoleInOne #Golf #GolfIsLife #Bridgestone #E6 #Ping #PingG20
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saralynn3131 #wcw #paulacreamer #lpga #ijustwannabehalfasgood
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_chrispierson_ Another beautiful day at the office! #golf #golflife #golfnerd #golfaddict #golfeverything #bridgestone #bridgestonegolf #putter #golfball
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Delbrook Golf Course The Bridgestone Ball Fitting Challenge is taking place at Delbrook Right now. Stop out before 4:00 and find the ball that fits your game.
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Your Letters

Jonathan, Goose Creek SC

Shoting in the 70's use to be something that occurred twice a month and very rarely back to back. Your ball fitting service came to my golf club, but being left handed they were unable to fit me. The gentleman in charge still took the time to talk to me and gave me a sleeve of RX to demo. The next week was vacation and I shot in the 70's everyday including an all time low score of even par 72 using the new RX ball each day. I have now swithced to this ball and lowered my handicap from 9 to 5.

Wade, Longs SC


John, Farmville Virginia

This is the best ball I have ever played and I think I have tried them all! A local pro recommended this ball when I was at the range trying out some new 3 woods. I didn't buy a new 3 wood but I am so glad I bough these balls. I went out and played on a tough course that is very long and demanding. I spanked my first drive off the tee and hit a good iron shot on the green, but the best part for me was how this ball comes off the putter. It's so buttery soft and this course has very fast greens. I was able to have some great touch especially on long putts. I felt like I could make every one and I just about did as I shot a cool 76 on a course I could easily shoot over 80 on. The B330 Rx was excellent on my irons, and wedges as well. I am hooked on this ball and I hope this story will help other golfers looking for a better ball.

Kyle, Fayetteville North Carolina

I was playing the ProV1X for the first 7 holes of my round and on the par-3 8th hole, I decided to try out the Bridgestone Ball I got from a friend. It was the first shot I ever hit with a Bridgestone Ball and ended up getting a hole-in-one!!!

David, Bakersfield California

I was playing with 64 friends in the No Whiners tournament in Mesquite, Nevada. The first day we played the Palms. Played ok, shot 79. I play to an eight handicap. I just could not get the ball to stop on the greens. After the round, I went to a local shop called Ready Golf. I told shop employee Doug that I needed more spin on the greens. Doug suggested B330S. The next day we played Falcon Crest. I shot 74, gained ten yards on my drives, and won closest to the hole on a Par 3. Thanks, Bridgestone Golf!

Dan, Farmington Minnesota

I bought a dozen balls of Bridgestone e6's last year because I got a free hat out of it and I am glad that I did. Since than I have only bought Bridgestone balls and have lowered my score by 10 strokes. So thanks for the free hat!

Chris, Grosse Pointe Shores Michigan

I've been playing Titleist ProV1's for years. This year, I decided to try a new ball. I was looking for one that performed like the ProV1, but easier "on the wallet". I ask my Club Pro what he recommended and he said try the e7+. What a ball...I love it. Not only do I have the same feel around the green as the ProV1, but I drive the ball longer and straigher. However, the best part was this weekend when I holed an eagle shot on 18 from 120 yards only to follow up the next day with a "hole-in-one" from 170 yards. Thanks Bridgestone !

Jeffry, Suttons Bay MI

Recently I found a new B330-RX in the rough when I was looking for my ball. Having heard about the ball, I decided to play it on my next round. I have a 12 handicap. I've never shot ever par for 9 holes before, let alone 11 holes! (But, alas, not even a great ball can compensate for a guy who's getting tired out there!) Tee to green, the RS performed amazingly well, building my confidence for action around and on the green that led me to that 36. The ball has stamina; all I need now is more of that myself!

Angela, Detroit Michigan

I want to thank Bridgestone golf for making me the happiest average golfer in the world. This past Saturday May 23, 2009 I got my first hole-in-one at ( Golf Pro on staff Matthew Miller)Moose Ridge Golf Club in South Lyon Michigan. It was an uphill par 3 and only the top of the flag was showing. Not only did I ace the hole but I was the only woman playing against 23 men. The Ranger was also sitting on the tee box when I shot it. Since I've swiched to your ball I know that my game has improved. The ease of putting and controlling the spin on shots helps with my high handicap which I want to continue to eradicate. Thanks Bridestone I am user for life. Kudos to us both!!!

Susan, Haverford PA

I am a 2-year golf manic committed to CallawayHotBite balls. Although fairly new, I was convinced that Callaway balls were the best! Curious about your balls, I received a complimentary 2-pack. At my first match, I played your e-6 ball on a par-5 and hit my drive over 250 yards-amazing for someone who rarely clears 150 yards! In fact, my partners were sure I was looking for my ball in the wrong place and made me take a drop - they were surprised when I found my ball 100-yards later and made par on the hole. Thanks Bridgestone!

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