Kempsville Greens Golf Course If you missed today's Bridgestone Ball Fitting Challenge at Kempsville Greens Golf, don't worry! You have another chance tomorrow at Red Wing Lake!
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Golfing Standard Matt Kuchar winning clubs, RBC Heritage, Bridgestone, WITB: A look at Matt Kuchar's winning clubs from the RBC Heritage#CountCorey #CollegeGolf #GolfWorld #RoyalLiverpool #BuddyAlexander
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The Hackers Paradise A special gift from Bridgestone Golf for their #THPMC golfers!
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brian_gaynor #tbt to meeting David Feherty last year at the Bridgestone/Firestone event. #golf #golfer #broadcaster #bridgestone #firestone #gaynorclassics #feherty #davidfeherty
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Jimmy Lewis Boards Keep an eye out for the upcoming issue of Sports Illustrated featuring golf legend Davis Love III on the Jimmy Lewis Striker SUP.
Facebook about 14 hours ago  (published: 04/24 05:02 PM EDT) Make greenside bunker shots routine like Kuchar
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t_albrecht15 Got my first hole-in-one today at Grove. #HoleInOne #Golf #GolfIsLife #Bridgestone #E6 #Ping #PingG20
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saralynn3131 #wcw #paulacreamer #lpga #ijustwannabehalfasgood
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_chrispierson_ Another beautiful day at the office! #golf #golflife #golfnerd #golfaddict #golfeverything #bridgestone #bridgestonegolf #putter #golfball
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Delbrook Golf Course The Bridgestone Ball Fitting Challenge is taking place at Delbrook Right now. Stop out before 4:00 and find the ball that fits your game.
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Your Letters

Harry, Land O Lakes FL

WOW...Impressive! Just tried my first B330RX...Usually score low to mid 90's...shot 85 for the first time in years. Better distance, better feel, better score! How can you beat that? Bye Bye Pro V1!!!! Good job! A little cheaper would be nice though. Harry

Travis, Grande Prairie Alberta, Canada

Hello Bridgestone!! I was in the tree's looking for my titleist ball, when I stumbled apon a Bridgestone B330-RX. I put in my bag and said to myself I'll try this ball next time I play. Well I today is May 7th 2009, And I tried your ball today..........WOW !!!!! I shot a 78 and it get's better. I got my first HOLE IN ONE. It was a par 3 distance was 179 yards and I used a 7 iron!! I love the distance and the feel and I'll be using Bridgestone balls from now on.Thank you very much!!! Travis O'Shea Grande Prairie,Alberta Canada

Kevin, Spring Texas

i was at my district golf tourament at the golf course called augusta pines country club and i was on hole 14 and it was a par 4 hole 500 yards and we have to play from the back tees. and my tee shot went to the big brushes and i told the other players i lost my titleist nxt tour golf ball and suddenly the bridgestone tour b33o-rx in the big brushes and i hit it fairway and i used my 5 iron in the fairway and it 237 yards away from the green. and it was 89 yards left from the green and i took out my 60 degree lob wedge and something just happen my ball went straight in the hole and i can not beleive it just happen. and it was best thing in my entire life in a game of golf.

Scott, Brookville PA

just wanted to thank you for making a great ball, i switched about 2 weeks ago and have added more distance on my drives and have been more more consistent with my irons, also on may 4th i had my first hole-in-one on a par 3 140yds, i will be using bridgestone from now on thank you again. Scott Dusch Brookville,Pa.

Mike, Carthage MS


Carl, Charleston South Carolina

I have to be honest here, I am thrifty, even cheap so when I play Titleist it is because I got them as gifts or picked them up cheap at the swap-meet. The rest of the time I play balls I find. Recently I found a Bridgestone B330 and decided to see how it played. Boy was I impressed! I hit more fairways, even with a poor drive and the performance and feel around and on the green is amazing. Now I give away every shag ball I fine...Except my Bridgestones of course! That includes Titleist, Callaway and Nike!

Hal, Benson North Carolina

I just wanted to say thank you for my Bridgestone experience. I have just started playing the e5+. Although I am 55 years old, I find I'm hitting the ball as far or farther than I ever have. The soft feel and the urethane cover really helps me hold my shots into the hard bermuda greens I often play. By the way, I just took advantage of your free shirt promotion and was blown away when I received a true technical piece and not just a cheap cotton shirt with a logo stitched on. It will come in handy on my upcoming trip to Myrtle Beach. Bridgestone ROCKS! Hal Medliln Benson, NC

Bob, Mulberry FL

I have been playing a Calaway ball for a long time. When I watched one of your commercials I decided to give your ball a try. I was hitting the Callaway about 280 I am now hitting the Bridgestone about 300 - 320 I am amazed at the truth behind this ball. Thank you so much it has improved my game over all and reduced my strokes by 4-6 each round.

Matt, Lubbock TX

Dear Mr. Couples the e7 is the best thing to happen to my game. avg drives of 250 to 270 has jumped to an avg of 300. My dad just cant belive that I boom it the way I do. This past sunday on a 477 yard par5, I boomed it 384 yards give or take a few, My dad was just amazed as well as the other two in our group. My dad still tells me, "still cant beat me" though he is a 40 year veteran of the game, But I can out drive him. Your products have really made my dad and I relationship more close since we both spend most of our time on the golf course. Keep up the good work.

Sanjay, Fayetteville North Carolina

I am a proud father today. I gave my 9 year-old daughter, Preeya, a B330-RX to try out. In her first round playing with the new ball at Highland County Club, Hole # 15, par 3, she hits a 7 iron from about 100 yards. The ball flies the bunker guarding the front of the green, two hops and disappears in the cup. My daughter jumps " Dad, I had a hole in one! ", starts crying and hugs me. She lands up shooting a career best 93 from the red tees. Bridgestone for life now!

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