Gene, New Jersey True Balance Putters Product Comment. I tried the True Balance putter last week at the PGA store, it felt so different and easy to swing for distance control and direction, you could feel the head hit the ball. Today I had to go back and buy it!! I can't wait to try it out this weekend!!
product 1 day ago  (published: 04/14 06:48 PM EDT)
Jaime, North Miami Beach, FL Bridgestone Golf Fan Mail. I play the best ball Bridgestone B330-S
product 1 day ago  (published: 04/14 01:34 PM EDT)
Skylar, Grand Rapids, MI True Balance Putters Product Comment. I hit one today at a demo day at a local golf shop. It felt AMAZING! I went there to buy a new driver and almost left with a new putter instead. I'm sure I won't make it through the first couple months of the season without picking one up.
product 1 day ago  (published: 04/14 09:30 AM EDT)
bridgestonegolf Another great week of golf & Masters tradition in the books! Congrats to Kuch on T5 finish & big thanks for the Team BSG support this week!
Twitter 2 days ago  (published: 04/13 07:34 PM EDT)
bridgestonegolf @shawnholubgolf #B330S will provide more driver spin for added lift. Will also give you secondary benefit of increased green side control
Twitter 2 days ago  (published: 04/13 07:28 PM EDT)
bridgestonegolf Hi@shawnholubgolf B330-S will provide more driver spin for added lift. Will also give you secondary benefit of increased green side control
Twitter 2 days ago  (published: 04/13 03:48 PM EDT)
bridgestonegolf RT@hackersparadise: You gotta love seeing Kuchar play and smile around the course.
Twitter 2 days ago  (published: 04/13 03:46 PM EDT)
bridgestonegolf Pitch in birdie at the 3rd moves #Kuch into tie for lead with Spieth at -6!
Twitter 2 days ago  (published: 04/13 03:14 PM EDT)
bridgestonegolf A birdie from #Kuch at 2 moves him into a tie for the lead at #TheMasters!
Twitter 2 days ago  (published: 04/13 03:04 PM EDT)
bridgestonegolf Tee time for Matt! Kuuuuuuuuuch!
Twitter 2 days ago  (published: 04/13 02:34 PM EDT)


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Your Letters

Dan, Alexandria VA

I recently attended a ball fitting at Hilltop Golf Club. The next day I returned to play a round with the e5+. On the first hole, a par 3, I scored my first birdie. I've been waiting 12 years for that bird!

Frank, Fresno CA

I saw the booth at a local demo day for the ball fitting and thought it couldn't hurt. While waiting for my turn on the monitor two J33 drivers and was amazed with their performance. I was matched with the B330-s and used them to drive two par fours I had never previously been able to. I couldn't keep the driver out of my head so when a second demo day came around today I purchased and am now anxiously awaiting a j33 of my own. Thanks to the ball Bridgestone staff who showed me the light.

Bradley, Allardt TN

I tried the e7+ balls before but never really noticed much difference in any other ball, or so I thought.I picked up a sleeve of the e7+ balls. On ever hole I used my 3 wood I either out drove the guys by 5 to 20 yards. On 1 hole I was only about six yards short. I didn't even need to use my driver. So a few days later played and i had pro v1 balls and 2 e7+ balls so I played both. the e7+ ball was about 15 yards longer than the pro v1. With a better ball flight. So now I havefound my new ball, the e7+.

Laura, Granite Bay California

I have only been playing golf for about 7 to 8 years so picking the correct ball was foreign to me. Within the last few years alot of attention has been focused on club head speed and getting the maximum benefits of the correct ball. It was suggested since my clubhead speed is about 75 to try to Bridgestone E6s. My distance has improved and for the first time I shot a 73. One over par for someone --me--a female-in my fifties --I was so excited that I kept my signed score card as it just might be framed. On the my course when I find the PRO V I or high end Callaway golf balls--I just give them away.

Will, Orangevale Ca.

I used the pinnacle exception for 3yrs. Saw your ad on the golf clhannel and decided to try the B330-rx. Love the ball performance and in my third week of use I made my 1st. hole-in-1. I a 68 yr. old 8 handicap and can attest to the Bridgestone quality. Yours Truly Will Harris

Derek, Leesburg IN

I just got my new irons they are bridgestone j36 irons. My pitching wedge through 6 iron are cavity backs and 5 iron through 3 iron are pocket cavity. I love them a lot

Bob, Mooresville Indiana

Hi Fred, I have been playing amatuer tours for a few years now and find myself on the cusp of the Senior flight. Over the last three years I switched to Bridgestone from Titleist and find that, although I am not as long as my younger competitors, I have better control and an improved short game. The result was best summed up by a comment from a college competitor after a match play event, "That old guy is a player." I was really happy to hear that. Us old guys can still play. Thanks, Bob

Larry, Glen Allen VA

played bridgestone balls long time,kid of a serect. but couldn't get that great fell around the green, was given sleeve of rx's . man hated paying 42.00 dollars but man it was the you know what.did not have enough club head speed for theb3300's. i can hit the driver in a phone boothe,this ball of the irons is just to good to be true,long soft and spins. come up with cavity back irons for us seniors i'll drop some cash.fairways & greens

Stanley, Honolulu Hawaii

I am a 27 handicapper. I have been playing golf for about 7 years, and have never had a formal golf lesson. I usually shoot in the low hundreds and high 90's. A month ago, I played golf at the Navy-Marine golf course with my high school buddies. I shot my best score of 83. I played my same game that day, using the same old clubs. The only difference was that I was using a Bridgestone Tour B330 ball for the first time. I'm no expert, but logic dictates that I stick to what works best for me.

Dennis, San Antonio Texas

Incredible, that's all my playing partners can now say about the 15 to 20 yards further I am getting with the e6+. But the real story was at the course where we play there is a guy on the 15th green that has a wooden box that has over 1,000 "found" golf balls that he sells for 5 for a dollar. When I asked him why he did not have any of the Bridgestone balls, any, he said "A lot of people ask for them but I just never find any", he continued to say "I just don't know if they go straighter or that just the better players are hitting them". I looked over at him with a straight face and said "Both"

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