Jacob, Shorewood, Minnesota Bridgestone Golf Fan Mail. Hello Bridgestone! My name is Jacob Pedersen and i am 14 years old. on tuesday, April 23, i hit my first hole in one using the yellow e6 ball (which is now my favorite ball). And the hole right after that I drove the green! your golf balls gave me great confidence and i want to thank you guys. My coach was there to witness it and it will be going in the Minnetonka Star tribune. I just wanted to inform the great news and how good your balls are. Thank you so much and i hope there are more to come using Bridgestone balls.
product about 3 hours ago  (published: 04/24 03:50 AM EDT)
Amon, Los Angeles, CA Bridgestone Golf Fan Mail. I was fortunate to receive a trial set of the Bridgestone B330-S balls from The Hackers Paradise & Bridgestone for testing. I have played some of the best golf I never thought I was capable of with the combination of this ball and my clubs. My best shot came on a par 5 575 yard hole where I hit a 362 yard drive. Carried maybe 346 and rolled out the rest of the way. Then on another par 3, I hit a solid drive on the green and saw the ball roll back better than I had ever thought was capable of. Amazing Ball!
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bridgestonegolf RT@JFrickeGolf: Got some of the new BSG putters yesterday. Look, feel & roll it incredible! One of the best looking putters I've seen lately
Twitter 2 days ago  (published: 04/21 01:46 PM EDT)
originalgolfblog Congrats to Matt Kuchar on his 7th career @pgatour win! #rbcheritage #golf #pgatour #mattkuchar #rbc #pga #kuch #bridgestone #winner #champ
{1} 3 days ago  (published: 04/21 11:48 AM EDT)
bridgestonegolf @weymouthharrier We'd love for #e6 to be a part of your game! Chat here with our BFIT team about best ball for you: http://t.co/6UiShfs9Zc
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Bobby, Portsmouth, OH Bridgestone Golf Fan Mail. I am a recreational player who loves to play the Bridgestone e6 ball. I am absolutely ecstatic that the product is made right here in the USA. Thank you Bridgestone for making our nation better and for making such great golf products!!!
product 2 days ago  (published: 04/21 10:42 AM EDT)
bridgestonegolf Kuchar's B330-S ball was made at our GA factory, just 251 miles from where he holed out the winning shot yesterday! http://t.co/ktHDPzsz2Q
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bridgestonegolf RT@aneelb: Congrats Kuchar on winning the @RBCHeritage! Proud to have him as @Workday ambassador. Cc @PGATOUR @bridgestonegolf @GreyGoose
Twitter 3 days ago  (published: 04/20 06:52 PM EDT)
bridgestonegolf RT@RBC_Heritage: Matt Kuchar, it's time for the Tartan Jacket! Kuchar is the 2014 #RBCHeritage Champion.
Twitter 3 days ago  (published: 04/20 05:52 PM EDT)
bridgestonegolf Congratulations to Matt Kuchar, winner of the 2014 @RBC_Heritage! #Kuuuuuuuch #BoomIt
Twitter 3 days ago  (published: 04/20 05:32 PM EDT)


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Your Letters

George, Bronxville New York

Every week I play with my good buddy Ken. Every week the story is the same it seems... "Ken beats George by one !" Last week while playing Ken finds a Bridgestone ball in the roughwhich he gave . I put the Bridgestone in my pocket not giving it much thought. On the next hole a par three directly into the wind and over water I take a swing and lift a high flyer straight for the pin that lands and sticks six inches from the cup. With a big smile I walk up to the ball and tap it in for a deuce. As I bend down and pick up the ball I notice it is the Bridgestone Ken found and gave to me. Believing it was an omen I kept using the ball and wound up with an 83 but more importantly "One less than Ken!!!!!" I am now looking forward to a long summer of golf with my Bridgestones and as many "One less than Ken!"'s that my Bridgestones and I can get. Great ball.

Alec, Las Vegas NV

Hey Bridgestone.....Thank You. I am the joe normal of struggling golfers. I have a 17 or 18 handicap and golf at least once a week. I have tried every ball out there with my teacher and best friend. Titleist,Taylormade,Srixon,on and on... I recently tried The E6 from Bridgestone and was pleased. But yesterday I played the 330RX and was wowed. I beat my only eighty round by 3 strokes and shot an 85! Amazing off the driver, and could work the ball off my irons so easily. Thanks guys. Feel free to send me some RX's!!!!

Larry, Manitou Springs CO

I switched to the B330-RX ball after finding one during a league event at my local course. I played the ball for the last 2 holes and then promptly lost it on the first tee at the next event. I immediately went out and bought a dozen. My next league event was and individual event with 60+ players. I shot my best round ever a 73 to win the event net & gross. I am a 7 hdcp and my previous best round (75) was 2 years ago. I backed that up with a 78 the next week. To quote a 60's song by the Monkees "I'm a Believer" Larry

John, Englewood CO

Dear Bridgestone, Thank you very much for keeping me back in the game of golf. I was struggling and jiust kept getting worse no matter what I did. After losing all my Callaway balls on a very tough course, my buddy handed me a Bridgestone and the rest is history. I finished the round with that same ball. I bought a dozen and lo and behold I can hold the greens. My goodness I thought all golf balls just bounded off the green. This retired navy veteran has a new lease on life. The man is back in town!!!!!!!! John Christian

Matt, Jacksonville Florida

I just shot a two-under 70 last weekend with my Bridgestone e6+. I absolutely love this ball. Seems like it was made for me. I play on average once a month and I'm currently an 8 handicap. I look forward to the control and confidence this ball gives me, along with shooting more low scores!

Christine, Ocala Florida

Dear Bridgestone, I've been playing golf for a couple of years and over the past year I have been stuck at a score of 83. I was skeptical about switching my ball but eventually I did after hearing all the stories about the new B330-RX. After switching balls I lowered my score to a 78. Thanks, bridgestone!

Doug & Cathy, Simcoe Ontario

We just visited Hilton Head Island in March for holidays. Four of us were playing a Arnold Palmer course,called Cresent Point I had to go to look for a ball that went a STRAY who mE ? Not only did I find my own I found a Bridgestone ball. That is one BALL I have never played or bought. When we landed back to Simcoe playing Woodside golf course our regular members place to play. The first round I used my found Bridgestone Ball and shot a 76 allmost beating my best score of 73. Very nice feeling ball to strike. I also have tires on the front of my car, Brigestone snow tires from Queesway Tire they need to be removed. Since then I have lost that.Ball Thanks for the memory using Bridgestone ball .The first time used but not the last. Sure could use a few pointers Mr. Couples ! Thanks Doug

Barry, Sierra Vista AZ

I was a little disapointed in the e6. I was hitting them and noticed my ball acted a little funny after hitting it with my driver. Upon examining the ball I immediately saw that I had exploded the inside of the ball through the exterior cover. Since I have a very high swing speed, and this has never happened with the top Flite D2 Feel I used to use, I think it is fair to say I won't be playing this product. The D2 works fine for me.

Ron, Las Vegas NV

The second hole I played my RX I made a hole-in-one. My playing partners were amazed. As a PGA Teaching Professional, my feat carried some clout !!! All my buddies went out immediately after our round and bought the B-330 RX. It is a penomenal ball !!! Wind at your back, Ron

Chuck, Orange Texas

As I have aged (49) my swing speed has dropped and I was not getting the distance or control out the Callaway & Titleist balls I was using. I am a 17 handicap, but since switching to the Tour B330-RX I am proud to say I am now a 12 handicapper. My distance is back were it was 10 years ago and controller on my Iron shots is a lot more accurate. This ball even putts better. I have since got my dad who is 74 years young to switch to the Tour B330-RX. This ball has made golf even more fun to play again. Thanks Chuck

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