Bill, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida True Balance Putters Product Comment. Hello Bridgestone Golf. Just took my DT-01 True Balance Putter with the oversized grip to the golf course and practiced on the putting green for about 30 minutes. Was making everything. Took it to the golf course for 9 holes, shot 33 with a total of 12 putts. The putter looks great, feels great and is almost impossible to decelerate. I have played golf for over 50 years and this is the best putter I have ever had in the bag. Goodbye Scotty Cameron, hello Bridgestone Golf. The putter is pure gold and once folks get a chance to give it a try it will sell itself. Thanks Bridgestone Golf.
product about 20 hours ago  (published: 04/18 11:13 PM EDT)
AWedgeButton Selfie with @BrandtSnedeker Ryder Cup bag at the Golf Club of Tennessee! #prettycool
Twitter about 20 hours ago  (published: 04/18 11:12 PM EDT)
jaybruce3 @bridgestonegolf some of the best clubs I have ever swung!!!!
Twitter about 21 hours ago  (published: 04/18 11:12 PM EDT)
Fred Gillum I had a really good day at the Champions Tour event at the TPC Sugarloaf. Even in the rain! It was a much needed diversion...going back to the final round on Sunday! Go Freddy Couples...or John Cook or Kenny Perry or....Jay Haas or....
Facebook about 21 hours ago  (published: 04/18 11:12 PM EDT)
Mr_Hufflebuff Played a Bridgestone for the first time and shot 82 at sandcreek, I like that ball. I gave @lukeg88 crap forever for hitting Bridgestone.
Twitter about 21 hours ago  (published: 04/18 11:12 PM EDT)
GP Golf Watching Matt Kuchar last week was extremely impressive. Very straight hitter, great short game and a swing that repeats on something called the inner circle....very few golfers get on and stay on the inner circle. Kuch manages to do so more often than he has one of the best coaches in golf to help him in Chris O'connell.
Facebook about 22 hours ago  (published: 04/18 11:11 PM EDT)
RBC_Heritage In this case…yes RT @KennedyFarris: Are selfies proper golf etiquette?? @BrandtSnedeker #RBCHeritage #TeamRBC
Twitter 1 day ago  (published: 04/18 11:09 PM EDT)
DAHammz The new Bridgestone counter- counterbalanced putter. Balances on its own
Twitter 1 day ago  (published: 04/18 11:09 PM EDT)
RealJebJoiner Fred couples
Twitter 1 day ago  (published: 04/18 11:09 PM EDT)
Jeff, Rogers, AR Bridgestone Golf Fan Mail. I've been playing golf for approx. 25 years. I have played a Titleist Pro V1 more than any other ball in the past. The local Academy Sports had a sale on the Bridgestone TOUR B330-S balls. Some of the guys in my golf group play Bridgestones, so I thought I would give them a try and purchased a dozen. That, and I honestly do enjoy the commercials! The next day, April 16, 2014, I broke them out for our usual Wednesday evening game. Hole 13, par 3, 173 yds. I hit a smooth high draw with a 7 iron, landed approx. 4 inches in front of the cup and disappeared. That was the FIRST hole in one that I have ever had in my life! I was beginning to believe that I would never have one. I retired the ball and picked up a skin after the round. I am a believer in the TOUR B330-S, and they will now be a regular companion with me on my future rounds! Thanks Bridgestone for helping me get my first ace!
product 1 day ago  (published: 04/18 10:16 AM EDT)


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Your Letters

Aaron, Melbourne Australia

Have seriously come down 7 strokes in 4 months since switching to J36 Combo irons. Such reliable equipment, it allows all shots to be played in confidence. Also love the e6+ balls, great feel. Once you try the switch from ProV you will agree. Aaron [ Aust ]

Mark, Jonestown PA

Hello my name is Mark and I used to play Callaway HX Tour balls and this year went to B300 s and wish I would have switched a long time ago.These balls do whatever you want them to do and feel very butter like without sacrificing distance. The spin is great and feel much better than those like HX Tour,Pro-v, and TP balls. As far as my bag I have a almost full Bridgestone bag that includes j33cb/j33b tour issued raw irons,Toustage x-drive driver,Tourstage f-ut hybrid, I love Bridgestone brand and being one who has played them all clubs and balls Bridgestone is the best and most underated company on the market. The days of me going brand to brand is over and will continue to be a loyal Bridgestone supporter.

James, Lester Prairie Minnesota

I joke with my friends that it took me 15 years to get Fred Couples to switch to Bridgestone ( Precept ) golfballs. This will be my 18th year playing Precept & Bridgestone golfballs. I started with the extra distance x-outs then extra spin, doublecover, tour premium LS (my favorite ) and now B330-S. I'm looking forward to trying the B330-RX, because as we all know, mother nature dosn't let us get bigger and stronger as we get older. We need all the help we can get. My Brigestone success story will be to play the ball and the game of golf, long enough to use senior flex shafts.

Richard, Seattle WA

Look fellows, 71 yrs of age used to be considered old. Today, with the fabulous new drivers and irons a man can compete as long as his body stays healthy and his desire remains high. Last summer I added the cherry to the top of my golf desserts: The Bridgestone 330-S. Never particularly short off the tee I now find myself hitting right up there with anyone I play with. I'm estimating 15 yards with the driver and possibly that much with my 5 iron. To cap it all off I scored my first Ace yesterday (April 20,2009) at the West Seattle Golf Club, using the 330-S and a six iron on the par three sixth hole...162 yards, uphill, into the wind! I am one happy old timer and don't try selling me on any other ball!

James, South Grafton Massachusetts

I took the on line golf ball challenge recently and it siggested the B330RX was the right ball. I bought a dozen and what a difference. I got more off the dirver...and in the fairway, great control around the greens, and most important, great feel off the putter...and in the hole! Thanks for a great product.

Michael, McAllen Texas

The first time I played the B330-rx, I gained about 10 yards off the tee and picked up a tremendous amount of spin around the green. Because of this ball, I shot my lowest round ever on the hardest golf course in my area (82) and broke 40 for nine holes for the first time ever (38). I cannot wait to go out again and play this tour-level ball for us average joes (I picked up two more boxes after my round)

Brett, Bayswater victoria (Australia)

I originally used the bridgestone E6 ball until a friend introduced me to the b330-s at our annual golf trip. Since that weekend i have only ever used the b330-s ball and now i have an extra 10 metres per iron. It gives me a lot of confidence when i can hit an 8 iron to the green when im 150 metres markers.... It is by far the best ball i have ever used and i will not swap for anything!!!!!

Taylor, Marion North Carolina

My dad has always played golf ever since i was born. I am 15 now and as i got older i got interested in the game of golf. I started playing about 2 years ago ansd when me and my dad play i try my best to beat him. Well it has never happened until about a week ago. I was playing with the Bridgestone B330-RX, i had incredible distance and so much feel. Much better than the Prov1x that i used to play. I ended up playinh one of the best rounds of my life and beat my dad by 5 strokes and shot 74. I play the Bridgestone B330-RX from now on!

Robert, Savannah GA

I recently played in a 2 day match play tournament. The tournament had 6 flights with 6 players in each based on handicap. The 6 flight winners then played 4 holes of stroke play with the 2 lowest scores playing match play until a hole was won. During the playoff I hit 2 pitch shots with the B330-RX that were critical to the matches. Each time it performed exactly as I hoped it would. I won the tournament. Thanks for a great product.

Junior, Louisville Tn.

I am a 61 year old man that has been playing for 40 years. good but not great. Now with the b330rx i still can out drive the flatbellies on my home course. With the equipment that i have an the rx I can feel like did in my 20 an 30s. Thank you Bridgestone!

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