James, Larkspur, CA Bridgestone Golf Fan Mail. I switched to the e6 a month ago because I was playing in a tournament and didn't want to spend all the money on ProV1x's. I played some great golf, and just today I shot the round of my life - one over par with an ACE! I'm never going to play another golf ball again haha!!
product about 3 hours ago  (published: 04/16 11:28 AM EDT)
Colleen, Sun Lakes, AZ Bridgestone Golf Fan Mail. On April 15, 2014, when I played in our Member/Guest Tournament, nobody wanted to lead off on hole #3, which is a par 3 and was playing 95 yards to the hole. I stepped up with a 9 iron and said I would see what kind of a leader I could be. I hit the ball nice and crisp and it landed 3 feet from the pin and went straight in the hole! I've been using the Bridgestone Lady Precept for the last 2 months and I love them!
product about 3 hours ago  (published: 04/16 11:28 AM EDT)
Gene, New Jersey True Balance Putters Product Comment. I tried the True Balance putter last week at the PGA store, it felt so different and easy to swing for distance control and direction, you could feel the head hit the ball. Today I had to go back and buy it!! I can't wait to try it out this weekend!!
product 1 day ago  (published: 04/14 06:48 PM EDT)
Jaime, North Miami Beach, FL Bridgestone Golf Fan Mail. I play the best ball Bridgestone B330-S
product 2 days ago  (published: 04/14 01:34 PM EDT)
Skylar, Grand Rapids, MI True Balance Putters Product Comment. I hit one today at a demo day at a local golf shop. It felt AMAZING! I went there to buy a new driver and almost left with a new putter instead. I'm sure I won't make it through the first couple months of the season without picking one up.
product 2 days ago  (published: 04/14 09:30 AM EDT)
bridgestonegolf Another great week of golf & Masters tradition in the books! Congrats to Kuch on T5 finish & big thanks for the Team BSG support this week!
Twitter 2 days ago  (published: 04/13 07:34 PM EDT)
bridgestonegolf @shawnholubgolf #B330S will provide more driver spin for added lift. Will also give you secondary benefit of increased green side control
Twitter 2 days ago  (published: 04/13 07:28 PM EDT)
bridgestonegolf Hi@shawnholubgolf B330-S will provide more driver spin for added lift. Will also give you secondary benefit of increased green side control
Twitter 2 days ago  (published: 04/13 03:48 PM EDT)
bridgestonegolf RT@hackersparadise: You gotta love seeing Kuchar play and smile around the course.
Twitter 2 days ago  (published: 04/13 03:46 PM EDT)
bridgestonegolf Pitch in birdie at the 3rd moves #Kuch into tie for lead with Spieth at -6!
Twitter 2 days ago  (published: 04/13 03:14 PM EDT)


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Your Letters

Robert, Englewood Colorado

I am a 16 handicapper and I played with a couple of single digit handicappers this past weekend. I took 2 balls out of my bag on #1 because we usually allow mulligans on the first hole. I am also a diminutive fellow - a mini Ian Woosnan. Well, I started with the ProV1 and the others consistently out drove me by 20 yards. At #6, I switched to the Bridgestone Tour B330-RX without realizing it and I caught up with everyone on the drives. I gained about 15 yards. So I have switched permanently to Bridgestone Golf Balls. I hope you call me. Regards, Robert E. Gowdy 303 250 4812

Ken, Nashville TN

Finally, a ball that finds the fairway. Helped lower my score by 4-7 strokes a round.

Paul, Ballarat Victoria

Hello I switched to bridgestone balls because I bought Brigdestone/Precept equipment and I am using e5 and e6 golf balls and I am loving them my handicap was 13 now down to 10 in 4 months I love to brigdestone golf balls I had my best ever round with them 75 of the stick 5 over not a member of and 79 of the stick at I am a member of 7 over I just love them keep them up

Dave, Wolverhampton South Staffordshire. United Kingdom

i played off 24 and played to 15 whilst using this ball for the first time. i found a B330-S while on holiday and shot nine strokes under my handicap. say no more this is the ball for me. its got a good feel and stays out there straighter. i now average 19 on the course. dave minton england

Eli, Calabasas California

Dear Freddy, Hey I am a 11 year old 12 handicap and i used to play the tiltilist pro v 1. When i swithed to the E5+ I gained 15 yards and havnt missed a fairway sience.GO FREDDY!!! From biggest bridgstone fan ever, Eli

Willam, Kihei Hawaii

I've been golfing 28 years with various balls and the PRO V1 for the the last 10. I switched to the B330-S on the recommendation of a friend and that very next round was striking them long off the tee and cherry from the fairways. The putts were rolling true to the holes the first 11 and then...Kaboom!... lightning strikes on the 195 yard par 3 12th. 5 iron straight through a monster headwind and into the cup... now that's what I call instant feedback. They say it's the indian, not the arrow... but I wanted to write and thank for my first ace and for making a REALLY good arrow.

Mark, Farmington NM

My wife and I were playing on one of our local courses, when I found a brand new Bridgestone e5+. the next day I used the e5+ instead of my pro-v1. and shot a 38 on the front nine for the first time in my life. Heres what sucks, full of adrenaline ,I pulled my drive on #10 and lost the ball.I finished the back nine with my pro-v1, only to shoot a 44.An 82 for 18 holes,not bad.but it makes you ponder,what could have been. Keep BOOM'IN it boys

Lawrence, Issaquah WA

I have always loved the game of golf but have never really shot what I thought was a great game. I was convinced by a sales rep at my local golf shop to try the B330-RX. Being frugal I had never purchased a golf ball of this caliber. After experiencing Bridgestone golf I am convinced a great ball makes all the difference. Thanks Bridgestone

Terry, Sarasota FL

A close friend shot his age at 65. That was my goal when I reached 65. As a low single digit player I had shot 67 and 68 several times over the years. After watching Fred Couples in a Bridgestone commercial I started playing the Bridgestone 330 in 2006 On 6/30/2007, I shot 65 when I was 65 years old on a 6,613 yd course . The most thrilling of my golf experiences. I proudly display the ball with the score and date on it.

Paul, Kittery Pt Maine

I was playing the second hole on my favorite golf cours, a par 5 big dog leg left. My drive was just of the fairway in the rough and me second shot went in the water right. I found a Bridgetone B330 rx in the water instead of my ball. I played it, hit the green with the next shot and two putted for a boggie. I played the found Brigestone the rest of the round and I have played them ever since. What luck.

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