RBC Heritage Matt Kuchar is "pretty darn pleased" to be leading the RBC Heritage at -5 given the tough conditions out there today. Of the RBC Heritage, Kuchar says "fantastic venue, fantastic tournament."
Facebook about 17 hours ago  (published: 04/17 07:47 PM EDT)
Bridgestone Golf The Bridgestone Golf Tour Team is back in our Covington, GA factory. What are they up to this time? Check it out!
Facebook about 19 hours ago  (published: 04/17 07:46 PM EDT)
Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating It's tee time at the Greater Gwinnett Championship! To get in the spirit, watch Fred Couples sing Karaoke. He's good, right? Enjoyed it? Watch our series of golf commercials with Fred Couples, Fred Funk and Corey Pavin. They tend to find themselves in uncomfortable situations... http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6A2057F2ED5E1C32
Facebook about 19 hours ago  (published: 04/17 07:46 PM EDT)
D'mon Jones Matt Kuchar has 15 top 10 finishes on the PGA Tour since the start of the 2013 season. That's more than any other golfer and he's currently on top of the leaderboard in the 1st round of this weekend's RBC Heritage PGA Tour golf tourney.
Facebook about 12 hours ago  (published: 04/17 07:44 PM EDT)
Wrangler Lisca Matt Kuchar's play over the last few weeks hasn't been too shabby:Valero Texas Open - T4Shell Houston Open - 2ndMasters - T5Do you think Kooch lands a W and will wear the Tartan Jacket this weekend?
Facebook about 13 hours ago  (published: 04/17 07:44 PM EDT)
James, Larkspur, CA Bridgestone Golf Fan Mail. I switched to the e6 a month ago because I was playing in a tournament and didn't want to spend all the money on ProV1x's. I played some great golf, and just today I shot the round of my life - one over par with an ACE! I'm never going to play another golf ball again haha!!
product 1 day ago  (published: 04/16 11:28 AM EDT)
Colleen, Sun Lakes, AZ Bridgestone Golf Fan Mail. On April 15, 2014, when I played in our Member/Guest Tournament, nobody wanted to lead off on hole #3, which is a par 3 and was playing 95 yards to the hole. I stepped up with a 9 iron and said I would see what kind of a leader I could be. I hit the ball nice and crisp and it landed 3 feet from the pin and went straight in the hole! I've been using the Bridgestone Lady Precept for the last 2 months and I love them!
product 1 day ago  (published: 04/16 11:28 AM EDT)
Gene, New Jersey True Balance Putters Product Comment. I tried the True Balance putter last week at the PGA store, it felt so different and easy to swing for distance control and direction, you could feel the head hit the ball. Today I had to go back and buy it!! I can't wait to try it out this weekend!!
product 3 days ago  (published: 04/14 06:48 PM EDT)
Jaime, North Miami Beach, FL Bridgestone Golf Fan Mail. I play the best ball Bridgestone B330-S
product 3 days ago  (published: 04/14 01:34 PM EDT)
Skylar, Grand Rapids, MI True Balance Putters Product Comment. I hit one today at a demo day at a local golf shop. It felt AMAZING! I went there to buy a new driver and almost left with a new putter instead. I'm sure I won't make it through the first couple months of the season without picking one up.
product 3 days ago  (published: 04/14 09:30 AM EDT)


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Your Letters

Mike, Rochester NY

Hello! I have found that the Bridgestone B330 goes farther than the Pro V but still has the touch I need around the greens. I normally fly my drives 230 yards but get at least 5 to 10 more yards with the B330. That's a BIG help! BTW, the B330's I'm using come from the pond next to the 2nd hole at my home course (Genesee Valley) in Rochester, NY. I'm good with the driver AND the ball retriever!

Ron, Shokan NY

I'm a 64 year old Illustrator.My passion is Golf(Masters Journal).I bought a dozenRX's last fall.I gained 8 yards on my tee ball, and one full club on my irons.My swing speed is 96 mph.The feel is the best I've ever played..I'm sold.I'll never play another ball(unless you improve it)which is impossible.Thank You,Bridgestone...a fan for whatever life I have left.

Nate, Perry Kansas

I bought a box of b330-s balls and made it to my course in time to play about five holes. My drives were nice straight penetrating shots. My long irons were long and pure feeling, better feel than the pro-v1x. On number 17 at my country club I drove the green of the 290+ yard par 4 and left it just shy of a hole in one for a tap in eagle. Thanks bridgestone.

David, Briarcliff TX

A 62-year old Pro V1 golfer here. On a weekend golf tournament, I entered a putting contest and won. The prize? A dozen Tour B330-S balls. My first inclination was to sell them to someone who offered $30. The guys in my group talked me out of this. So, what the heck, I tried one out that day. Without consciously thinking about it, my round went pretty well. Last Thursday in a scramble I was still playing this ball. On our par-4 380-yard 5th I hit a good one, but we couldn't find it so we played someone else's. After playing up, there was my ball, 30-yards from the hole in a trap. You've got me convinced!

Scott, Canby Oregon

Wow! Better distance and online accuracy! Bridgestone.....Where golf evolves!

Patrick, San Francisco CA

Hi: I have been playing golf for 50 years this year and have played all manner of balls from the most expensive to the more moderate. One day last week one of the guys in my foursome suggested I try one of his Tour B330-RX balls. I have to tell you I was very impressed with the distance feel and playability of the ball. I was out driving all the guys in my foursome that day and the guy who gave me the ball to try said, "What have I done"..I just laughed and got home and placed an order for a dozen more immediately....Great Ball...Patrick Loughran

Todd, Bakersfield CA

Fred, I'm 45, and i've been playing golf for 25 years. My handicap was around 15 or 16 from 2002-2005, and I had only broke 80 once. I tried various balls from Titleist to Wilson. I shoot in the mid 80's to the low 90's. I had been seeing more and more players hitting the Bridgestone, so I thought what the heck, I've tried every other ball. The first time I played with Bridgestone I shot a low 80. Then I tried it on a course I never scored better than an 85. That day was unbelievable I shot a 73, I would have shot even par but I missed a 5 footer on 18. Since then I have shot in the 70's three more times, and my handecap is now a 9.8. I now use either the e5 or the B-330, I hav'nt tried the latest, but i'm sure I will. Thanks for producing a ball that a hacker like me can feel like he has some GAME. OH YA my favorite two golfers of all time Fred Couples and Payne Stewart. Thanks again. Todd

Aaron, Piscataway NJ

One thing i'am fussy about is me equipment my irons are fitted ihave the correct loft on my driver .Why not do the same home work on your ball as well I switched from a titlest nxt extreme to the e6+ and added 5-7 yards. thanks

Kaye, Canton Michigan

I switched from Titlest golf balls to Bridgestone e7+ and this first round this year I opened with a 74 followed the next day with a 78, I gained about 20 yards extra with the Bridgestone ball. It had great tragetory, good feel and was easy to work the ball. I have been playing this game since I was 12 years old and am now 62 years old. I started working when I was 12 years old as a caddie at Southern Hills country club in Tulsa Oklahoma. I also served my country with Honor and Distinction as a United States Marine during the Vietnam war. I know that Kaye is an odd name for a man but that is the name my mother gave me when I was born in 1947 and my friends and classmates from school were quite comfortable with the name. Thanks for letting me tell my story. Mr. Kaye Wilson

Paul, Whitby Ontario

Your advertisements intrigued me,a ball for average swing speeds, distance, control and performance. I am 59 years old with a 3 handicap. I recently purchased a sleeve of the B330-RX to take to Cuba with me and played 6 rounds at Varadero Golf Club. The ball totally amazed me as well as everyone I played with. I was hitting it past their drivers with my 3-wood. When I used my driver, the results shocked me. Around the green and approach shots, the ball reacted better than the ProV1's I had been playing for years. Monday was blowing steadily between 20 to 25 mph. With the B330-RX, I managed to have sufficient control with the B330-RX to shoot a 74. I palyed all 6 rounds with the same ball just to see if performance broke down. NOT AT ALL. My 6th and final round was a 73. I am back in Canada and can hardly wait to use the remaining 2 balls up here. Titleist has competition. Unfortunately for them, they also have one less player buying their golf balls. Great job, Bridgestone.

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