Kempsville Greens Golf Course If you missed today's Bridgestone Ball Fitting Challenge at Kempsville Greens Golf, don't worry! You have another chance tomorrow at Red Wing Lake!
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Golfing Standard Matt Kuchar winning clubs, RBC Heritage, Bridgestone, WITB: A look at Matt Kuchar's winning clubs from the RBC Heritage#CountCorey #CollegeGolf #GolfWorld #RoyalLiverpool #BuddyAlexander
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The Hackers Paradise A special gift from Bridgestone Golf for their #THPMC golfers!
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brian_gaynor #tbt to meeting David Feherty last year at the Bridgestone/Firestone event. #golf #golfer #broadcaster #bridgestone #firestone #gaynorclassics #feherty #davidfeherty
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Jimmy Lewis Boards Keep an eye out for the upcoming issue of Sports Illustrated featuring golf legend Davis Love III on the Jimmy Lewis Striker SUP.
Facebook about 14 hours ago  (published: 04/24 05:02 PM EDT) Make greenside bunker shots routine like Kuchar
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t_albrecht15 Got my first hole-in-one today at Grove. #HoleInOne #Golf #GolfIsLife #Bridgestone #E6 #Ping #PingG20
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saralynn3131 #wcw #paulacreamer #lpga #ijustwannabehalfasgood
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_chrispierson_ Another beautiful day at the office! #golf #golflife #golfnerd #golfaddict #golfeverything #bridgestone #bridgestonegolf #putter #golfball
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Delbrook Golf Course The Bridgestone Ball Fitting Challenge is taking place at Delbrook Right now. Stop out before 4:00 and find the ball that fits your game.
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Your Letters

Scott, Calgary Alberta

The Bridgestone B330-S (4) is now my ball of choice! I had a remarkable 10 month stint that inluded an albotross (#10 Cottonwood G&CC Calgary), an ace (#15 at Legend Trail GC Scotsdale AZ) and my favourite memory at the Sunningdale G&CC in London ONT which has 3 par 5's of the front which I eagled the first, birdied the second and yes another albatross on the third!! All of this possible because of the Bridgestone B330-S. Thanks Bridgestone and keep up the good work!!

Josh, Mirfield England

I used to play the callaway Hx tour 56 and was hitting ok shots to the green , but one round my mate introduced me to the bridgestone tour b330-rx and the first par 3 i played with one , i stuck it with in a couple of inches to make an easy birdie. I then went out and bought two dozen and have not used any other ball since.

Robert, Danvers MA

I'm a 6 handicap and have been a fan of Pro V for yrs. Until my wife who plays the Brigestone E6 ball and said one day please just try the Brigestone ball. One day while ball hawking I found a B330RX and couldn't believe the feel and distance. Said to myself maybe just the day. Decided to invest $45, tough to reach into the pocket in these tough times. Well I realized that it wasn't just he day the ball really does out perform Pro V. As they say a family that plays together stays together with Brigdestone.

Lori, Peabody MA

Simply stated- I was a five handicap with two club championships and one hole in one under my belt. A friend left an E6 in my cart. What has followed? Two more (consecutive) club championships and three hole in ones in an eight month span. It has been quite a run since August of 2007 to present. Maintaining a five handicap $ = many hours of practice, E6+ = $24.95 times dozens. Commercial with Fred Couples = Priceless. Regardkess, I am hooked and Bridgestone is my brand!

Kevin, Denver Colorado

After nine year of playing this amazing game I got my one and only hole in one {for now}. It was back in chillie Decmber on the 7th of 2008. A 175yard shot using an e6+. I'm a Bridgestone man through and through. Bridgestone golf balls and tires are my first choice. Thanks, KG

Ken, Clinton Tennessee

I have been a fan of Fred Couples for many years and have followed his career closely. When I saw that he was associated with Bridgestone, I decided to try some of your balls. First the E6+ and then the B330-S and -RX. All three seemed to improve my handicap (16). But the biggest improvement came when I tried a J33 460 Driver, then the hybrids, and then the fairway woods. I wound up buying 5 clubs and am trying the WC wedges. I am 56 years old and my handicap is now 9 and I am sure that the drop is due to your products. They look, feel, and hit the way a fine club should! I'm glad I finally tried your products.

Robert, Idalou Texas

First two high school tournaments after i switched i was driving great, but mainly i was stopping the ball close to the pin every!! i felt like a pro! I love Bridgestone! and their tires.

Stephen, Airdrie Alberta

Having strained to get control of my game i decided to try the bridgestone e5+. it was then i decided to take the chalenge and switched to the B330, I now total control around the green and a lot more confidence off the tee. Thanks Bridgestone.

David, Covington GA

I actually switched from the ProV1 to your B330S about 4 years ago. Every time I've tried something else I wind up coming back to the B330S. It holds better into wind, it feels better around the greens and it's longer off the tee than any ball I've tried. I've been so impressed with Bridgestone I even got rid of my treasured Cleveland Black Pearl CG1 irons and moved up to a new set of Bridgestone J36 cavity backs. Best irons I've ever hit, period! Keep up the innovation. Your quailty rocks!

Brian, Vancouver WA

Hello Bridgestone golf , About 6 months ago , your company was doing the demo at my local golf course, i tried it at the turn , they chose the e6+ after analizing my swing for me...... After i started hitting the Bridgestone e6+ myself and 3 other members of the course decided to have a 10 course tournament, so far after 8 rounds i have a 15, 25, and 30 stroke lead over them and on top of that 2 have switched to Bridgestone also! All i can say is try them you will love them! Truly, Brian Palmer Vancouver WA

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