James, Larkspur, CA Bridgestone Golf Fan Mail. I switched to the e6 a month ago because I was playing in a tournament and didn't want to spend all the money on ProV1x's. I played some great golf, and just today I shot the round of my life - one over par with an ACE! I'm never going to play another golf ball again haha!!
product about 12 hours ago  (published: 04/16 11:28 AM EDT)
Colleen, Sun Lakes, AZ Bridgestone Golf Fan Mail. On April 15, 2014, when I played in our Member/Guest Tournament, nobody wanted to lead off on hole #3, which is a par 3 and was playing 95 yards to the hole. I stepped up with a 9 iron and said I would see what kind of a leader I could be. I hit the ball nice and crisp and it landed 3 feet from the pin and went straight in the hole! I've been using the Bridgestone Lady Precept for the last 2 months and I love them!
product about 12 hours ago  (published: 04/16 11:28 AM EDT)
Gene, New Jersey True Balance Putters Product Comment. I tried the True Balance putter last week at the PGA store, it felt so different and easy to swing for distance control and direction, you could feel the head hit the ball. Today I had to go back and buy it!! I can't wait to try it out this weekend!!
product 2 days ago  (published: 04/14 06:48 PM EDT)
Jaime, North Miami Beach, FL Bridgestone Golf Fan Mail. I play the best ball Bridgestone B330-S
product 2 days ago  (published: 04/14 01:34 PM EDT)
Skylar, Grand Rapids, MI True Balance Putters Product Comment. I hit one today at a demo day at a local golf shop. It felt AMAZING! I went there to buy a new driver and almost left with a new putter instead. I'm sure I won't make it through the first couple months of the season without picking one up.
product 2 days ago  (published: 04/14 09:30 AM EDT)
bridgestonegolf Another great week of golf & Masters tradition in the books! Congrats to Kuch on T5 finish & big thanks for the Team BSG support this week!
Twitter 3 days ago  (published: 04/13 07:34 PM EDT)
bridgestonegolf @shawnholubgolf #B330S will provide more driver spin for added lift. Will also give you secondary benefit of increased green side control
Twitter 3 days ago  (published: 04/13 07:28 PM EDT)
bridgestonegolf Hi@shawnholubgolf B330-S will provide more driver spin for added lift. Will also give you secondary benefit of increased green side control
Twitter 3 days ago  (published: 04/13 03:48 PM EDT)
bridgestonegolf RT@hackersparadise: You gotta love seeing Kuchar play and smile around the course.
Twitter 3 days ago  (published: 04/13 03:46 PM EDT)
bridgestonegolf Pitch in birdie at the 3rd moves #Kuch into tie for lead with Spieth at -6!
Twitter 3 days ago  (published: 04/13 03:14 PM EDT)


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Your Letters

Ken, Clinton Tennessee

I have been a fan of Fred Couples for many years and have followed his career closely. When I saw that he was associated with Bridgestone, I decided to try some of your balls. First the E6+ and then the B330-S and -RX. All three seemed to improve my handicap (16). But the biggest improvement came when I tried a J33 460 Driver, then the hybrids, and then the fairway woods. I wound up buying 5 clubs and am trying the WC wedges. I am 56 years old and my handicap is now 9 and I am sure that the drop is due to your products. They look, feel, and hit the way a fine club should! I'm glad I finally tried your products.

Robert, Idalou Texas

First two high school tournaments after i switched i was driving great, but mainly i was stopping the ball close to the pin every!! i felt like a pro! I love Bridgestone! and their tires.

Stephen, Airdrie Alberta

Having strained to get control of my game i decided to try the bridgestone e5+. it was then i decided to take the chalenge and switched to the B330, I now total control around the green and a lot more confidence off the tee. Thanks Bridgestone.

David, Covington GA

I actually switched from the ProV1 to your B330S about 4 years ago. Every time I've tried something else I wind up coming back to the B330S. It holds better into wind, it feels better around the greens and it's longer off the tee than any ball I've tried. I've been so impressed with Bridgestone I even got rid of my treasured Cleveland Black Pearl CG1 irons and moved up to a new set of Bridgestone J36 cavity backs. Best irons I've ever hit, period! Keep up the innovation. Your quailty rocks!

Brian, Vancouver WA

Hello Bridgestone golf , About 6 months ago , your company was doing the demo at my local golf course, i tried it at the turn , they chose the e6+ after analizing my swing for me...... After i started hitting the Bridgestone e6+ myself and 3 other members of the course decided to have a 10 course tournament, so far after 8 rounds i have a 15, 25, and 30 stroke lead over them and on top of that 2 have switched to Bridgestone also! All i can say is try them you will love them! Truly, Brian Palmer Vancouver WA

Dr. Reed, Phoenix AZ

I am a 53 year old surgeon and playing golf for 20 years. My handicap was as low as 6 but has trended up to a 9-10. I have been using the Titleist proV1X for years. I have always had trouble off the tee and lack distance. I took the Bridgestone Challenge and the fitter told me that my spin rate was too high. Sceptical, I agreed to try the e6+. I immediately gained15 yards on my drives! This put me into a range where I could hit an 8 iron to the green instead of a 5 or 6 iron, a huge advantage! My confidence has never been higher. Yesterday I was shocked to hit a 315 yard drive! Something of this lenght I could never have imagined before. Jeremy Roenick , forward for the San Jose Sharks hockey team, is a dear friend of mine, ( I fixed his broken jaw years ago) and I cannot wait till the end of the season to show him my new length off the tee! Thanks for helping me get back to an 8 handicap...but who knows, I am now shooting to be a 5!! Best, Reed Day MD, DMD

Casten, Napoleon Ohio

My first 3 years my highschool team averaged 320 for 18 hole matches. We never considered winning a tournament until my senior year. I switched to Bridgstone B330-S and reccommended the ball immediately to team members. That year we placed in half our tournaments including winning our district tournament and making it to state. THANK YOU BRIDGESTONE!!

Gary, Allen Park MI

The first time I hit a bridgestone golf ball of the tee I said that was the ball I"M switch to

Andrew, Moreland Ga.

I use to get the cheapest balls I could find since I was off to the right lost in the pond at no. 3 In Hogansville Ga. The rest of my foursome called me Neptune for a long time. I seen a commercialabout the bridgestone challenge, and how the E-6+ minimized the slice, I was always last in my foursome , but after trying the E-6+ I shot a 2nd place 83 and had bragging rights for a long time.Now all they can say is (you got the box again). Thanx e-6+

Al, Burbank Ca.

I am 76 years old,still shoot in the eightys.Last week I tried the e-6 ball and no one could belive how much longer I hit the ball.right then and there I made the change to Bridgestone

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