Kempsville Greens Golf Course If you missed today's Bridgestone Ball Fitting Challenge at Kempsville Greens Golf, don't worry! You have another chance tomorrow at Red Wing Lake!
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Golfing Standard Matt Kuchar winning clubs, RBC Heritage, Bridgestone, WITB: A look at Matt Kuchar's winning clubs from the RBC Heritage#CountCorey #CollegeGolf #GolfWorld #RoyalLiverpool #BuddyAlexander
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The Hackers Paradise A special gift from Bridgestone Golf for their #THPMC golfers!
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brian_gaynor #tbt to meeting David Feherty last year at the Bridgestone/Firestone event. #golf #golfer #broadcaster #bridgestone #firestone #gaynorclassics #feherty #davidfeherty
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Jimmy Lewis Boards Keep an eye out for the upcoming issue of Sports Illustrated featuring golf legend Davis Love III on the Jimmy Lewis Striker SUP.
Facebook about 9 hours ago  (published: 04/24 05:02 PM EDT) Make greenside bunker shots routine like Kuchar
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t_albrecht15 Got my first hole-in-one today at Grove. #HoleInOne #Golf #GolfIsLife #Bridgestone #E6 #Ping #PingG20
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saralynn3131 #wcw #paulacreamer #lpga #ijustwannabehalfasgood
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_chrispierson_ Another beautiful day at the office! #golf #golflife #golfnerd #golfaddict #golfeverything #bridgestone #bridgestonegolf #putter #golfball
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Delbrook Golf Course The Bridgestone Ball Fitting Challenge is taking place at Delbrook Right now. Stop out before 4:00 and find the ball that fits your game.
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Your Letters

Sal, Shorewood WI

The B330-S (last generation) is an amazing ball. Great ball flight in the wind and consistent performance on the green. Green control and stopping ability is the best out of the tour balls I have played. No golf in WI this time of year, so I have not purchased the new generation. Though hard to see what could be improved upon.

Louis, San Antonio TX

I was at Golfsmith and saw that your B330-RX ball stated that it's recommended for amateurs with low swing speeds as a burst on the package. Bought a box. Belong to a senior league and we started on the 15th hole at Alsatian in Castroville, TX. 132 yards, howling left to right 26 MPH wind. My first swing of the day and I nailed my first ever hole in one with your ball. Also had a closest to the pin on another par 3. Won the par 3 competition that day with the lowest par 3 total score. Won my flight with the lowest score that day and hit my drives longer than I ever hit them. Also 3 birdies earned a few extra bucks. Needless to say, I like this ball. When the weather gets warm, I expect to get back into the 70's with this sweet thing. Love it.

Dion, Washington IL

Got my 1st hole in one at age 48 after 30 years of playing golf in Mexico at the Myakoba El Cameleon Golf Course. Made it on the signature 15th ocean view hole. I bought a box of the Bridgestone e6 to take with me before I left and kept the ball with pictures and scorecard. I am a 4 handicap and was worried I might never get one and to get it on such an amazing golf course which the PGA plays on every year is extra special. Thanks

Robert, Somerset NJ

I attended a club fitting at a Callaway Instructional Center and the pro told me that my swing was satisfactory, but to get more distance I should change the ball I was using. He suggested the Bridgestone B330-RX. I have been using it ever since and with great success.

Keith J, Roy UT

The Bridgestone e6 helped to cure my slice, gave me better control in my short game, and gave me much better consistency. And really for the first time, once I got fitted for a ball, my whole game seemed to change! It was great to see such awesome results!!!

Bob, Garden Grove CA

Perry Belk gave me this ball (Bridgestone e6) and immediately I went to buy a box of them because I liked them very much. I'm hooked. Thank you Perry!

Bill, Plano TX

I shot my age this year with B330-RXS; score = 75. Golfers ask me "What ball are you using?" My response, "Me, Fred Couples and Matt Kuchar all play the same ball, BRIDGESTONE!" I love it. Bill

Robert, Shreveport LA

I played today at Querbes Golf Course in 48 degree, high humidity and windy weather. On number 13 I made a hole in one using a Bridgestone e6. The hole was 120 yards into a brisk breeze. The fairway crosses a creek to a flat area. The green is about 30 - 40 feet higher than the flat area on the far side of the creek. The ball barely got over the creek, ran up the hill, through a narrow fairway area, onto the green and into the hole. I was leaning over picking up my tee and asking my partner where the ball went. When he said it went in the hole, I did not believe him. It turned out that he was correct. It was my 5th hole in one and the absolutely the worst possible shot to end up in the hole. I am 81 years old and this is probably the last hole in one that I will make. What a shot! Bob Donovan

Terry, Sun Lakes AZ

I had a Bridgestone Ball Fitting on Wednesday, which showed that I should move from a Bridgestone e6 to the Bridgestone Lady Precept. Two days later, while playing the Precept Lady, I scored a ONE on Hole 6 at the Palo Verde Country Club in Sun Lakes. My first one ever, at age 59. The day before my cousin Garth scored his first hole in one at Johnson Ranch!

Jim, Humble TX

I thought I'd share the news of my first hole in one at Deerwood CC in Kingwood, TX. I've been playing golf for 20 years and have been on the lip many times, but none had gone until 1/31/2014 on our #17 189 yard par three. A nice little 4 iron with a slight draw and it was done! I normally play a B330-RX, but I pulled out a B330-S by mistake :)

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