The future of ball fitting is in your hands

Introducing the Bridgestone Golf B-Fit App

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Launch your game forward

B-FIT, the world’s first FREE launch monitor app, uses cutting-edge technology to identify the proper ball for golfers of all skill levels. Be one of the first to test it out in beta.

  • Use the app anywhere you can swing a club
  • For left and right handed golfers
  • Receive instant analysis on swing speed, ball velocity, launch angle and more
  • Identify your perfect ball fit in minutes

Download FREE from the App Store on iOS devices
Coming soon to Android!

Data that drives results

We’ve conducted more than 350,000 in-person fittings and recorded over 2 million unique swings to develop a breakthrough app that provides you with pivotal data about your game. Each shot you hit with the B-FIT app records and analyzes variable factors like swing speed, ball velocity and back spin to find the optimum golf ball for you.

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