Driving Iron

One of the questions we receive most often centers on the rise in popularity in driving irons, both on Tour and at retail. Here are 3 reasons the TOUR B X-HI Driving Iron can help your game.

1.Long Iron Replacement- As amateur golfers, long iron consistency is often a thorn in our side, even for lower handicaps. The TOUR B X-HI allows you to replace those pesky long irons with easier to hit 3 and or 4 irons. How does it do this? Keep reading to find out!

2.Wide Sole Design- Picture this: you just smoked a drive and you have about 220 into a par 5. Naturally you are going for the green in 2. So you step up and hit a chunk and run that lands 100 yards from the green (oops). Often times this happens due to a less forgiving long iron. One way that the X-HI can help prevent that is through the wide sole design. This wider sole helps prevent digging along with increasing trajectory. This will help you hold those greens from long distance.

3.Hollow Body Construction- So we have replaced our 3 iron and we know that we can get the ball up in the air… now we need to make sure we actually have the distance to get home in 2. The TOUR B X-HI features hollow body construction which creates a trampoline effect on the face which increases ball speed and distance.

Whether you are looking for a club to get home in two, or a driver replacement option for those tight par 4’s… the TOUR B X-HI offers you a solution. We offer the X-HI in 3 iron/ 20* & 4 iron/ 23* configurations with the KBS Graphite Hybrid as stock shaft.

For more information on the TOUR B X-HI Driving Irons, please visit: https://www.bridgestonegolf.com/en-us/clubs/hybrids/tour-b-x-hi-driving-iron