5 Reasons Why the Bridgestone Golf Test Drive Program is Right for You

Whether you are on the fence about an upcoming Bridgestone Golf club purchase or perhaps you just want to experience our clubs for the first time, our all new Test Drive Demo Program is perfect for you. Here’s why:

1. It’s all encompassing: All current Bridgestone Golf Clubs can be found on the site. From drivers, to wedges (coming in March), we have it all available with many different variations of shafts for you to choose from.

2.It’s easy: In less than 10 clicks (yes I counted), you can select one or more demo kits for us to ship to you for trial. You don’t have to leave the house!

3.It’s long term- Want to take your time? No problem… we have given you 21 days to try the clubs wherever you would like! Just ship them back when you are done with the pre-paid shipping label.

4.It’s Cheap- for only $20 you get to try the clubs and pay for shipping both to you and back to us.

5.It’s always changing- Based on trends in the market, we will constantly update the shafts in the kits to ensure you have an adequate selection to choose from.

For more information on the Test Drive Program, please visit: https://testdrive.bridgestonegolf.com/