Bridgestone Golf, Inc. (BSG) is committed to continually improving our environmental performance and to prevent pollution and the overall protection of the environment for all manufacturing and support operations related to our product. BSG exercises due vigilance with respect to minimizing the use of natural resources and exercising control over identified waste streams. Appropriate measures are taken to meet or exceed any identified health and safety regulations and requirements that affect manufacturing and support operations. The health and safety of our employees and other interested parties, both internal and external, is always a top priority when planning and implementing process related to our operations. This is accomplished through strict adherence to the requirements defined by our environmental management system.


  1. We strive to maintain a safe working environment in all of our manufacturing processes to minimize employee risks for potential injuries.
  2. We strive to optimize the use of and conserve natural resources used in the manufacture of our golf products by continually improving the efficiency of our production processes.
  3. We strive to comply with federal, state and local laws and statutory requirements as well as the environmental requirements of our customers and other interested parties.
  4. We establish and review environmental objectives and targets for the reduction of solid and other waste through recycling programs and enhanced employee awareness of environmental aspects and impacts related to the functions performed.
  5. Bridgestone Golf’s environmental policy is communicated to all employees and other interested parties.
  6. Bridgestone Golf encourages suppliers and subcontractors to establish practices to ensure environmental control by minimizing waste and using environmentally sound practices.

Dan Murphy, President and CEO