VFIT Ball Fitting

Record. Submit. Get VFIT!

Follow three easy steps to submit your video.

Step 1 - The Set Up

First you’ll need a driver, a dozen golf balls and a buddy to record your swing.

Tee up your golf ball, place the dozen box right in front of the ball and have someone record about ten feet back in LANDSCAPE MODE. This means turn the phone sideways to record.

Step 2 - Record Your Swing

It's important that you record in SLOW-MOTION. Make sure your phone setting is in Slo-Mo mode.

Center the player inside of the video and RECORD the swing from take-away to follow through.

Step 3 - Submit Your Video

Once you have the video recorded, click “Submit Video”.

Submit Video

You’ll be asked a few questions about your game and the specific shot you recorded so we can analyze and make sure the fit is perfect for your game.

A few helpful recording tips:
Video Ball Fitting results are dependent on video quality, lighting, and distance from player. Please make sure you are a maximum 10 feet from the player when recording. Hold the camera in landscape mode and as still as possible. Make sure the player and golf ball are both in focus. For best results, record in a sunny area without shadows. Place the dozen box as close to the teed-up golf ball as possible parallel with the target line. Send us a swing that best represents your game. Have fun!