We are excited to announce that we have 5 golf ball models receive gold medals in the 2019 Golf Digest Golf Ball Hot List!  In the over $35 category all 4 our  TOUR B golf balls were award gold medals.  The TOUR B series are all multi-layer urethane tour performance balls and consist of 4 distinct models: TOUR B RX, TOUR B RXS, TOUR B X, and TOUR B XS). The TOUR B family, which replaced our popular B330 line, provides golfers with exceptional feel, accuracy and distance. We utilized the data from measuring more than 2.5 million swings in the R&D process to determine how specific design characteristics benefit different types of players. The TOUR B series were the only golf balls in their category to be award a perfect score in both Performance and Innovation. 

In the $26-35 price point category, our newly launched e12 SOFT took home gold as well.  In fact, the e12 SOFT was 1 of only 2 surlyn covered balls to earn gold in the category.  The new e12 SOFT builds off of the innovative 3-piece, Surlyn construction of the popular e6 golf ball with an added dimension of power coming from the new active acceleration mantle layer.  We launched the e12 SOFT earlier this year at the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show to tremendous fanfare, which showed, as the ball earned the 2nd highest demand score in the mid-tier category. We cant wait for more golfers to experience what has proven to be a little bit of a cult favorite in Florida thus far this season.

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