3 Things You Need To Know About Our New TOUR B XW-1 Wedge

March 22, 2019

1.       Soft Forgings- the TOUR B XW-1 is 1020 forged. I know what you’re thinking, “ok cool what does this mean for me?”… Well I am glad you asked! The 1020 forging of the XW-1 wedge is going to give you the soft feel that you crave, especially around the greens. By forging the wedge, we can avoid the dreaded “clicky” feel that you get with cast clubs. Side note, be forewarned that if you pair the new XW-1 with our e12 Soft Golf Balls, you will experience the pinnacle of soft feel--trust me, I know!

2.       New Micro Mill Pattern- With our new XW-1, we are introducing a new micro mill pattern called “Biting Rail Milled” Groove Design. Ok, I know… it’s a mouthful, but here’s the rundown. Essentially this pattern extends parallel rails between each groove across the entire face. This increases greenside spin by about 250 RPM’s and as we know, more spin is never a bad thing!

3.       Multi- Sole Design- This year we decided to alter our sole design across the entire line. After researching what types of shot a players faces most often with each loft, we designated certain sole designs based on loft:

a.       F Sole- found on the 50* wedge, the F Sole reduces grinding to create a stable shot at impact. We do this because we know that more times than not, with a 50* wedge, you will be playing from 100+ yards out and need stability.

b.      A Sole- The A sole is a heavy heel grind that you can find on the 56* wedge. It allows you to open that face up as much as possible when you have short sided yourself around the greens or in the bunker.

c.       M Sole- On all other lofts, you will find the M sole. The M Sole is a heel/ toe grind that is designed to provide you with the ability to manipulate the club in a variety of ways to adjust based on specific shot type.

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Zack Kupperbusch

Golf Clubs & Accessories Marketing Manager