You know the feeling… when the days are short, and the temperatures cold, all you can think about is being out on the course knocking the rust off. Good news… now that the “unofficial” start to the golf season is right around the corner, you have my permission to start thinking about your game more seriously. Naturally I am sure your mind drifts to what new golf ball or new club you should put into play but I am here to tell you that you shouldn’t take for granted the piece of equipment you physically wear on almost every shot… your glove.

At Bridgestone Golf, we pride ourselves on offering premium gloves at reasonable prices for players of all skill levels. So before you make your decision and load up on gloves for the year, be sure to read about each of our unique offerings below:

Tour Premium Glove

Tour Premium Glove - the Tour Premium glove offers the most luxurious feel in our entire line. This is the thinnest, most premium Cabretta leather that we offer. It is perfect for the most discerning of golfers who look to maximize their feel on each shot as is evident through Tour use with Matt Kuchar. On top of this feel maximizing construction, we have also included a color change tab that allows you to pick from logo colors. After all, looking good is the most important part!


TOUR B FIT Glove - If you are looking to make a statement on the course without compromising on feel, the TOUR B FIT glove is perfect for you. The larger branding (as seen on Tour with Bryson DeChambeau) sticks out on the course while the Cabretta Leather construction doesn’t skip on soft feel.  The TOUR B FIT Glove offers a unique 3 size fits all system (S/M, M/L, L/XL) and is offered in a white/ black color combination.

E Glove

E Glove - You know that old putter that you just can’t quit? Try the E Glove for a few rounds and you will get that same feeling. The E Glove has consistently been our best-selling glove for many years, and it shows no sign of slowing down. It combines a durable Cabretta leather construction with mesh inserts to maximize breathability. This combination is sure to provide a glove that will last for many rounds without skipping on performance.

FIT Glove

FIT Glove - Like the TOUR B FIT Glove, the FIT Glove offers a unique 3 size fitting system. However, the standard FIT Glove is a fully synthetic design. This lightweight glove is perfect for the budget golfer looking for a long lasting glove without breaking the bank.

Lady Glove

Lady Glove - Our Lady Glove is designed with fashion and functionality in mind. Using the same color change tab found on our TOUR Premium Glove, the Lady glove offers the ability to choose between 5 logo colors. With a combination of Cabretta leather and synthetic water resistant material, the Lady Glove is sure to hold up round after round.