People of Golf

New original Bridgestone Golf production || People of Golf

Real people, real golf stories!

People of Golf || Willie

Coach Willie is the Director of Golf at Morehouse University, a HBCU (Historical Black College & University). He has and continues to mentor many young men that come through his program. He discusses helping them that they might avoid some of the hardships and challenges he had to deal with as a young man. Coach Willie talks about playing professional football, Tiger's influence on his golf career and growing up as a young child and having to help provide for his family.


People of Golf || JB

JB is an athlete, always has been and always will be. Baseball was his sole focus... until he lost his mom and his world flipped. He got wrapped up with the wrong crowd, found trouble and lost his way. Golf was the structure, challenge and focus he needed to get back in line. It fueled his competitive juices once again and he knows his mom would be proud of the direction he is headed.


People of Golf || Bill

Bill loves this game. It oozes out of him every day. He took up golf at an early age after a pro threw an eight iron in the woods in anger and he asked if he could pick it up to use. He taught himself to hit all the shots with just that one club. Now he shoots his age on a regular basis and inspires golfers to achieve the best they can for themselves not matter their age!


People of Golf || Patti

Patti was told she would never walk again after her accident in October of 2009. Patti not only walked again, but went back to work for her Fire & Rescue team! She is literally the walking personification of perseverance. Golf replaced what she lost from the fire department, golf saved her.