#1 - It's All In The Name

The e12 name comes from the 12 years of ball fitting data that our R&D team used to design the new series.

#2 - Designed For Distance

The e12 series features the new Active Acceleration Mantle layer which provides increased thrust and higher initial ball speed.

#3 - Build For Straight Flight

The soft gradational compression core of e12 helps lower driver sidespin for more forgiveness and straighter flight.

#4 - Visual Appeal

e12 SOFT is available in highly visible Matte Green, Matte Red, and Matte Yellow color options.

#5 - Fit It Better, Hit It Better

The e12 SOFT is optimized for golfers that swing under 105mph while the e12 SPEED is a firmer contstruction designed for golfers that swing over 105mph.